Dr. Sara Mayes

Dr. Sara Mayes is a veterinarian and medical director in the Pacific Northwest. With a variety of animals at her home, she welcomes your pet as family.

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Dr. Sara Mayes

After completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Washington, Dr Mayes attended veterinary school at Washington State University. After graduation in 2009, she worked for 2 years in a mixed animal practice in Idaho. She moved back to Seattle and has been practicing small animal medicine since.


Hobbies: Cycling (road and mountain), fly flishing, snow skiing and snowboarding

Pets: We have more than 20 pets at our house! Their names are: Odin, Ullr, Skadi, Goat, Glie, Maggie, Lizzy, Sid, Speed, Abner, Marion, Elsa, Sherman, Marcus, Rene, Gertrude, Penelope, the Twins, Chester and the Brownies (dogs, cats, parrot, iguanas, tortoise, muscovies, geese and ducks!)

Favorite Word: DOH! There’s nothing like a good Homer Simpson “DOH!”

What makes you laugh? When my parrot talks back to my husband in MY voice!

What profession would you like to try for one day? Professional back country snow skier

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving


“Helping pets live long, happy lives through preventative care, early diagnosis, and quick treatment as health problems arise.”

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